Guide to Different Types of Motorcycles

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We guess you’ve been to some dealers, trying out a few different types of motorcycles, but still need the urge to know what type exactly will suit your needs. Worry not because, since we knew too you are going to take some guides on knowing the different types of motorcycles, we have rounded up some of the main types of motorcycles in the whole world.

Each type indeed comes from different manufacturers. And sure, each type will also offer different kinds of performance that can be picked out of their accommodation on one’s needs. First thing first, one should really know what they want to use the motorcycle for, and the type can follow after that. That’s all.

Getting to Know the Different Types of Motorcycles

As it’s been said before, everyone should start from the very beginning, which is knowing their needs and matching them with the type of motorcycles they desire.

  1. Standard

The first type of motorcycles is the standard on. It is very common and has been most people’s favorite because it offers enough accommodation for their regular needs. The variations of this type are the capacity, like 125cc to 1,000cc, and these variations are fit for the seats, tank bag, and enough space for luggage. If you are looking for the regular and economical type of motorcycle, it will normally work for a first choice and an all-around reference.

  1. Cruiser

Cruiser, or chopper type, is indeed the type of motorcycle to use for cruising. The main characteristic of this type is probably its lower seat that’s intentionally built to provide comfort during the “cruising”. It looks pretty similar to the Standard type, but it offers more spacious luggage, again to accommodate the need of the “cruising”. The engine sizes are pretty varied, but the most common one is the 1,000 cc capacity.

  1. Touring

The Touring type is obviously larger than most motorcycle types. Such size comes from a reason, though. It supports comfort and safety for cross-border touring in various track conditions and weathers. Not only they provide a very large amount of storage, but it will also block the wind the most to ensure the safety of the rider. Along with its large size, it also commonly comes in large engine size to accommodate speed.

  1. Sport

If you are into speeding up and showing off style, this sports motorcycle type should be considered as your favorable choice. It performs speedy ride and has the ability to awe people who look by showing off sexy curves, yet tough performance. However, you may have also known that this type is definitely heavier and has taller seat height both for the rider and passenger. This type also has a lighter variation though, and it is made from aluminum to increase its overall maneuvers.

  1. Scooter

Appearing a lot different from the previous types, some may even consider this type isn’t a real motorcycle. However, Scooter style has started to gain popularity among people. It is low to the ground and lightweight, so it’ll be perfect for casual riding without any pressure and stress to ride it well.

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