How Motorcycles and the Military Are Connected

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Where cars are more identical and focused on comfort and exclusivity, motorcycles have the tendency to perform more on speed and maneuvers. Motorcycles have been connected to the military because they favor in achieving so many things with motorcycles ever since. Let’s have a closer look at the connection, shall we?

The Use of Motorcycles in the Military

The use of motorcycles in the military is never new. In WWII, German and Russian armies have taken advantage of this vehicle on so many levels, for example seeking out targets to offer helps to the soldiers who suffered from injuries. Other than that, common motorcycles were often used to do a convoy in order to spread threaten, to celebrate victories. The type motorcycle commonly rode by the armies should accommodate extreme weather and track since they were in war zones after all.

However, there were benefits and drawbacks as well in using such vehicles in the military. Motorcycles were known for their special characteristics to speed and perform maneuvers for the riders. On the other hand, the rider might sacrifice their protection themselves at times riding their motorcycle obviously. Furthermore, there was only a small possibility to load stuff, like weapons and foods, because the luggage in motorcycles has always been that tiny.

Characteristics of Motorcycles in the Military

As you may have seen from the previous brief explanation, there have been potential roles one can achieve from having to using motorcycles in the military. The main point is definitely the mobility of this special light-weight force. Riding motorcycles made it possible to do the raid and reconnaissance. Other functions of this vehicle is dispatching communication and activities between army members, despite the limited storage equipment and minimum protection for one.

These roles endure the hardships during the war, so it can be said that motorcycles have obviously played essential roles in the military. Sure, you can already imagine that the motorcycles used in the military were differed from the common ones, or models we usually find nowadays. Other than the basic feature, motorcycles for military uses had different equipment installed in order to support one mission during the war.

One aspect that had been always linked in the talks of motorcycles and the military is the powered mode. As its’ been said that the military motorcycles were often equipped with more special designs and/or systems, they at least possessed the ability to move more quietly. One thing for sure about military motorcycles is they were very special. They were great deals back then. Thanks to research and development, such kind of vehicles could be reproduced or reimagined as those we can see on films these days. They look super tough and powerful, right?

Categories of Military Motorcycles

Motorcycles that have been widely used in the military are divided into two main categories: folded and conventional.

  1. Folded Motorcycle

The folded, or so-called compact, the motorcycle was designed intentionally to be easily deployed and carried. This supports the needs of people in the military to consume storage space as little as possible. And while on mobile, this variation of the motorcycle could help them move a lot easier. The probably one issue that hasn’t been solved up until now regarding to this type of motorcycle is its inability to survive in the extreme road. It is as simple as the fact that folded or compact motorcycles are not really reliable for off-road use.

For your information, the tires of folded or compact motorcycles can be fueled with water or any liquid to make it simpler to take care of. Usually, this type of military motorcycle was powered with a 200 cc machine capacity and was able to tow up to 900 kg loads.

  1. Conventional Trail Bikes

We can say that the conventional trail bikes are pretty much similar to the ones often portrayed in modern movies. The weight is solid, and the look is very dense. It was first supported by diesel engines, although the contemporary variation has reached to the usage of hybrid engines. Apart from its original features, this type could be extravagantly modified with lightings to weapon panniers. Finally, it was very common to find a low noise and heat vehicle in this type. In short, this is none other than a sport-trail bike but set in a military atmosphere.

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