Choosing Between Motorcycle and Car

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Everyone has their own idea about these two beneficial vehicles. Let’s say, the opinions go around which one is safer, more economical, even more stylish. If you are looking for a vehicle for your own, let’s put them together for a test and discuss about having which one is a better choice for you.

Comparison Points between Motorcycle and Car

In terms of cost and safety feature, we have put these two vehicles face to face and below are the comparison point we can pay attention to within the two:

  • Model: motorcycle is a two-wheel vehicle, the car is a four-wheel vehicle
  • Price: costs from around 15 million Rupiahs for a motorcycle, costs up to hundreds million Rupiahs for a car
  • Safety feature: pass switch for a motorcycle, airbag for a car
  • Safety issue: the motorcycle has some more issues on safety, while modern cars only have no anti-lock braking system issue on safety
  • Maintenance: costs from a hundred thousand Rupiahs for a car, costs up to millions Rupiahs for a car
  • License renewal: costs from thousands Rupiahs for a car, costs up to hundred-thousand Rupiahs for a car
  • License course: commonly, one doesn’t necessarily need a licensing course to ride a motorcycle, while it may cost up to millions Rupiahs for a car license course

Pick a Side: Motorcycle or Car

From the comparison points above, everyone will obviously agree that a motorcycle more cost-efficient option than a car, overall. This conclusion can even be applied to any type and brand of motorcycles unless one is really having an eye to Harley Davidson. In terms of fuel consumption, a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle will sure also cost way less than a car.

On the other hand, common motorcycles offer zero safety features. This includes no anti-lock braking system, no leg guards, no stability control, and no traction control. Modern cars have had at least airbags to support on the safety point. This can offer a huge difference while comparing to safely riding a motorcycle and a car.

There are still several factors to concern about when it comes to picking a side between motorcycles and cars:

  1. Carrying capacity

This one point will also take everything into a whole new level because the motorcycle is nothing compared to a car that has the ability to carry loads of items. You may keep in your mind that owning a transportation meaning owning something to transport you and your needs with you wholly and safely. With a single motorcycle, even the one with a sidecar, carrying items will be too much. Riding a car will mean a trip of bringing you along with more people and stuff.

  1. Comfort

One should really consider the comfort aspect while choosing a vehicle for their own. Although riding a motorcycle through trips isn’t that tiring and painful, it will be a lot more tiring after long, especially for long-distance travel. Driving a motorcycle, no matter how expensive the price one should pay for it, also means a challenging experience when it comes to facing various weather and track conditions.

  1. Maneuver

When you commute in such heavy traffic, riding a motorcycle will absolutely benefit you more. Also, it is very easy to park and perform maintenances on. However, it all will depend again on how and where you usually ride vehicles to travel with.

Each of these vehicles has its advantages and drawbacks you should really consider according to your needs and wills. The motorcycle is not expensive overall, but cars provide more comfort, safety and overall traveling features you may desire. There is also another option to spend your money on: the used ones. It costs relatively more affordable, where you can still experience the facilities you aim to.

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