History of Sidecar We’ve Known in Our Lives

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The sidecar was invented back in 1893 in France. In fact, this item that we may have told as a vehicle accessory turned out was produced initially before the motorcycle itself. It was originally made for a competition that was published in a newspaper. It was made to discover the best way to carry on people on a bicycle.

Later in 1903, the motorcycle was finally produced and made patent under the submitter, WJ Graham from Enfield, Middlesex. During the rise of vehicle popularity, it then was adapted as the vehicle additional feature that definitely had the ability to bring along more passengers just like what a car could do. It was also cheaper in price, so the benefit was felt more overwhelming for one than to really own a car.

Production of Sidecar

The sidecar was produced in a variety of looks. Apart of its main characteristic to provide enough space for a person or passenger, it also came out with more safety aspects and modernity points. Photos of old sidecars surfaced the internet where it was shown an Edwardian woman taking a ride on this vehicle of an old bike as well. She attempted to look as comfortable as possible although it was clear that the seating and space was none other than very conventional.

More developments were applied to old sidecars, thanks to the feedback from the passengers and vehicle rider as well. Producers soon realized that a firmer shell would make a cozier and safer ride for the passenger. The development was not only presented through a form of design, by the 1960s, but the law had also justified any size of this vehicle to attach to any type of bike and motorcycle as well, as long as the rider or vehicle owner possessed the desired provisional license.

One of the most promising names of this vehicle manufacturers was Watsonian-Squire. It was in 1912 when the owner massively created diverse productions of sidecars. It kept on making new ones back then until there happened to be some licensing issues there had been a decreasing request for sidecars among people in society.

The Existence of Sidecar in Our Daily Lives

  1. Sidecar in Sitcom

In television production such as sitcom, people who ride a motorcycle and a sidecar were commonly represented as the ones who were bold, if not fancy enough. The unique look and main characteristic of a this vehicle could be easily transported from the idea of comedy to relatable joke of television series.

One of the most popular examples is from the 70s sitcom, called Man. There were two main characters, George and Mildred, supposedly leaving their flat and moving to a more exclusive neighborhood together. George was portrayed as the rider, while Mildred completed the scene by acting up as the one on this vehicle combo. The joke stroke on when the motorcycle left, but this vehicle stayed.

Another example of this vehicle portrayal in some of the earliest television sitcoms is in the 1975 show called Last of Summer Wine, ending in 1996. Broadcasted the main character named Compo riding a classic type of motorcycle combined with a polished set of a sidecar. He rode the vehicle lightheartedly with a woman before it went out of control when it went down the hill and came crashing a field’s gate.

  1. Sidecar for chefs, stars and dogs

We can say that 1996 was really the peak popularity earned by sidecars. Not only was it featured on the sitcom we’ve mentioned before. It was also a rising item thanks to a television show called Two Fat Ladies. There, the two posh lady chefs drove to country houses riding a motorcycle, along with a sidebar combo. For the show, they got to cook and serve healthy foods to the people around them.

When it comes to movies, this kind of vehicle also had some proper spotlights on in movies like Roger Moore’s The Spy Who Loved Me, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Adam West’s Batman.

Aside from humans, this vehicle is also widely known for animal transportation. Be it for one to enough numbers of cat that might find the trip exciting, many sidecars turned out to have been specially designed for dogs. It will not only delight the rider. Dog in a sidecar would definitely pleasant to watch.

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